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Couloscope / Coulometric

CMS - Couloscope

Manufacturer: Fischer

Simultaneous Measurement of Coating Thickness and Electrochemical Potentials according to the Coulometric Method

The COULOSCOPE® instrument series operates according to the coulometric method by deplating according to EN ISO 2177 and impresses with its unique design and capabilities. The appealing design, the big LCD display and the clearly arranged keyboard – these are the prominent external features of the COULOSCOPE ® series. Just as important, however, is their simple operation, based on the menu-driven operator prompting. This allows for problem-free and quick setting of the instruments to new measurement applications. Approx. 100 predefined applica tions, from single coatings like such as zinc on steel up to triple coatings like chromium on nickel on copper on plastic are at your disposal.

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