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Coating Thickness - Eddy current

CMI 233

Manufacturer: OXFORD

The CMI233 gauge provides a reliable means for performing accurate, efficient inspection of coating/plating thickness at the lowest cost. Measurements can be taken in automatic or continuous modes. A scanning option compensates for uneven or textured substrate materials, enhancing performance of gauge repeatability and reproducibility. A large memory capacity for over 12,000 readings can accommodate even high usage applications

CMI 233

Coating Thickness Measurement Instruments

Manufacturer: Fischer
  • Non-destructive coating thickness measurement according to the magnetic induction method and/ or the eddy current method
  • Automatic probe and base material recognition
  • Large contrast-rich graphic display in a new sturdy housing
  • Simple instrument operation and extensive evaluation capabilities with versatile measurement options
  • USB communication with a PC and printer for the FMP30 and FMP40
  • Innovative probe technology with a large selection for high accuracy, an expanded measurement range and complex shapes
  • Coating Thickness Measurement Instruments
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