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ComPact 5 - X-ray Fluorescence Analyser

Manufacturer: Roentgenanalytik

The ComPact 5 offers a universal coating thickness measurement and material analyser at a reasonable price/performance ratio. Intended for customers, where in addition to highest precision ease of use and versatility are major factors, the ComPact 5 is the ideal measuring system. The precise non-destructive measurement, even of multilayer samples, is performed in a few seconds. The thickness and composition of alloy coatings can be simultaneously analysed. Additionally, the ComPact 5 performs the analysis of plating solutions.

The compact chamber together with an optimised x-ray beam geometry allows the use of very small collimators. A multiple position collimator changer in conjunction with a programmable X-ray tube power allows the adaptation for almost any application requested. A software controlled X-Y-Z sample stage allows automatic measurement sequences. This makes this instrument an ideal tool for the electronic industry.

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ComPact 5
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