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Label Sensor

LabelX - High speed and teach-in function

Manufacturer: EMX Industries Inc
  • NPN and PNP output
  • Easy teach in button
  • High Speed
  • Connector type

SELET FKX Series - Capacitive Proximity Forked Sensors For Label Detection

Manufacturer: Selet

Adjustable and multifunction capacitive forked sensors with auto calibration for label detection.

This type of products is suitable for applications like labels detection and control, in particular transparent labels on transparent base. It can detect paper made and transparent labels, with thickness differences of few hundredths of millimeter.


Label Sensor - Designed specifically for the detection of labels

Manufacturer: Tri-Tronics

The LABEL•EYE™ is a photoelectric sensor designed specifically to sense a variety of adhesive labels. Since the LABEL•EYE™ is an automatic one-touch sensor…not the conventional "teach mode" sensor…set-up is simple. Position the gap between the labels directly under the sensors sight guide and push the appropriate Autoset™ button. The sensor does the rest, adjusting itself to the perfect setting. Sensing labels has never been easier.

Product Applications

  • Opacity mode sensing
  • Double sheet detection
  • Envelope contents sensing
  • Edge guiding
  • Splice detection
  • Label counting
  • Unwinder, rewinder
  • Die cutter
  • Label hot-printing
  • Rotary die cutting & converting
  • High speed dispensing
Label Sensor

Micro Detectors FC8 Ultrasonic Label Sensor

Manufacturer: Micro Detectors

Ultrasonic fork sensors for label detection on transparent surfaces. Dynamic Teach- in system. Width slit detection 3 mm; maximum switching frequency 1,500 Hz.

Micro Detectors FC8 Ultrasonic Label Sensor

Micro Detectors FC7 Label Sensor

Manufacturer: Micro Detectors

For object or label detection; 2 mm to 180 mm width slit detection; 30 mm to 120 mm depth slit detection; red, infrared and laser emission; adjustable.

Micro Detectors FC7 Label Sensor
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