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With multiple types of couplings designed to suite the right application, we assist our customers to make the right choice. The couplings ranged from gear coupling, grid coupling, chain coupling and more complex hydraulic coupling.


  • Gear coupling
  • Grid Coupling
  • Chain Coupling
  • Tyre Coupling
  • HRC Coupling
  • Hydraulic Coupling



We offer wide range of hoses and fittings to cater for various industry applications. Our sales engineers are competent in evaluating and recommending the most suitable yet economical solution for your process


  • Size :1/8" - 10"
  • Material :Stainless Steel, Rubber, Fabric, Composite
  • Pressure Rating :Up to 1,000Bar
  • Temperature Rating :Up to 300 Degree C
  • Fittings / Connectors :Standard Or Custom

KYZEN CP9OD - Water Displacing Lang Term Wet Film Corrosion Preventative

Manufacturer: KYZEN

KYZEN CP90D is a heavy-duty blend of organic inhibators in a water displacing hydrophobic medium. It is specially designed for long term protection from oxidation during in-door storage.


KYZEN CP9OS - Aqueous Long-Term Dry Film Corrosion Preventative

Manufacturer: KYZEN

KYZEN CP90S is an agueous blend of organic and inorganic inhibitors specially designed for long-term protection from oxidation during in-door stirage. To prevent flash rusting of ferrous parts, add 1-3% CP90S to all wet stages.


METALNOX M6324US - Heavy-Duty Alkaline Immersion and Ultrasonic Cleaner

Manufacturer: KYZEN

METALNOX® M6324US is a high strength, high alkaline, aqueous cleaning chemistry which contains chemical components designed for ultrasonic and other immersion cleaning systems.


METALNOX M6314 - Mild Alkaline All-Metal Cleaner

Manufacturer: KYZEN

METALNOX® M6314 is a safe, all-purpose aqueous cleaner, specially designed to clean a broad range of both water soluble and insoluble oils, It is a very low solids product and often used without a rinse, even prior to coating.


METALNOX M6093 - Safe Citric Acid Cleaner / Oxide Remover / SS Passivator

Manufacturer: KYZEN

METALNOX® M6093 is a citric acid formulation designed to be effective on metal oxides, scale, rust, carbonaceous soils and other industrial soils. It can be used on a variety of metals including steel and aluminium.


Pulsarlube C - Automatic Single Point Lubricator

Manufacturer: Pulsarlube

The Pulsarlube C operates upon the principle of the generation of an inert Nitrogen (N2) gas produced by an intermittent electrical charge via a microprocessor to an electrolyte. This electro-chemical reaction allows the Pulsarlube C to dispense with very high accuracy and reliability. For added security, a Red LED blinks every 10 seconds to verify the lubricator is functioning properly. The flashing red LED feature comes in handy when checking if the lubricator is functioning properly for example at a distance in dark areas. Below are additional benefits of the Pulsarlube C.

Pulsarlube C
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