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FKDM 22P1901/S14F (LED RGB)

Manufacturer: Baumer
  • sensing distance Tw: 40 mm
  • sensor channels: 4 (teachable)
  • tolerance ranges: 5-step teachable (LEDs)
  • size of measuring spot: 3 mm x 5 mm
  • light source: LED red / green / blue
  • signal display (Teach): LED orange
  • channel status display: LED yellow per channel
  • power on indication: LED green
FKDM 22P1901/S14F (LED RGB)


Manufacturer: Baumer

The PLd-certified acceleration sensor GAM900S is a 2 in 1 product. It replaces conventional sensors for monitoring of vibration and shock:

  • Acceleration sensors for detection of two-dimensional tower vibration and
  • mechanical limit switches with relay contact as part of the safety chain.

At the same time, it reduces cable routing effort down to a minimum. Convenient connection to any conventional control system is possible by Analog or CANopen interface. Easy integration into the safety chain is enabled by redundant relay contacts.



Manufacturer: Baumer
  • Acceleration sensor / analog / CANopen®
  • Up to two relay outputs for limit monitoring
  • 3 axes detection, MEMS based
  • Measuring range ±2 g
  • Connection: connector M12, 12-pin
  • Offshore capability (plastic housing)

Conductivity Sensor - CombiLyz AFI4 / AFI5

Manufacturer: Baumer
  • Range from 500 μS/cm to 1000 S/cm
  • All hygienic design
  • Built in graphical display CombiView DFON
  • Very fast temperature compensation
  • Easy and full programmable with FlexProgrammer 9701
  • AFI5 split version with remote sensor
  • Separate 4...20 mA output for conductivity / concentration and 4...20 mA output for temperature
  • FDT software
  • 3-A approved
  • Touch screen
Conductivity Sensor

CombiTemp Sensor TFRH

Manufacturer: Baumer
  • Pt100 sensor element, 2- or 4-wire
  • Built in graphical display, CombiViewTM DFON optional
  • Head mounted 4...20 mA transmitter, FlexTop type 22xx
  • HART®, PA
  • ATEX
  • EHEDG (pending)
  • 3A, FDA
  • Programmable by touch screen
  • Easy and full programmable with FlexProgrammer 97
CombiTemp Sensor TFRH


Manufacturer: Baumer
  • Fully welded version
  • Robust stainless steel housing
  • External programming of zero point and span with FlexProgrammer 9701
  • High overpressure resistance
  • Available with optional ATEX approval

MZTK 06N1013

Manufacturer: Baumer

Magnetic cylinder sensors

MZTK 06N1013


Manufacturer: Baumer
  • Magnetic sensor with magnetic wheel
  • Resolution max. 4096 steps
  • Output signals A 90° B or A 90° B +N
  • Output circuits: push-pull and RS422
  • Non-contact, wear-free sensing system
  • High resistance to
  • Narrow mounting design
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